- Sequences vary but is usually a slow to moderate vinyasa (flow style. All levels are welcome and options and pose modifications will be given for all levels. Strengthens the core, improves alignment and balance and much more. Power Yoga - Active, flowing yoga geared to the more experienced participant. Moves a little faster and incorporates some more advanced poses etc. All yoga classes end with relaxation and meditation. Yoga is a different from the other classes as it is mind, body based. It requires the participant to be focused on the present and what they are doing. Therefore it is important that you make every effort to arrive to class on time. If you are late please find a spot quietly and with as little fuss and disruption as you can. If you are more than 10-15 minutes late, please do not take the class.If you MUST leave early, which is NOT IDEAL and is discouraged, please do it BEFORE relaxation and do it quietly.